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: Absences and Ill Health

The management of absence is an area where boundaries can easily and inadvertently be crossed. The difference between taking a firm line and discrimination/unfair treatment can often be a narrow one.

The key is usually to have a clear and written statement of rights and obligations. This can be incorporated into contractual documents or be part of a general policy document, backed up by consistent record keeping and a fair approach.

There will be times when absence becomes such an issue that an employer will be considering termination of the contract. Before taking this step, advice is almost always going to be required.

Even authorised absences, typically holidays, can cause problems. These often occur when illness interrupts a holiday or when trying to calculate part time workers’ rights.

Our experienced employment law solicitors can advise both employers and employees in cases of absence and ill health, and help you reach an agreement. Contact us now on 01869 252244 or use the contact form on your right.