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: Arbitration

Arbitration is a private method of settling disputes. Essentially the parties contractually agree to be bound by the decision of the Arbitrator (known as “an award”) who will give each party the opportunity to present their case.

The parties can agree to retain a certain degree of control over the proceedings which often includes deciding who should be appointed as the Arbitrator.

It has the advantage of being discreet and confidential. It is particularly useful where the opponents have a serious difference of opinion but otherwise wish to continue a commercial or neighbourly relationship. An Arbitrator’s Award has the same effect as a Court Judgment and can be enforced through the County Court if a party fails to comply with it.

Although the parties do have to pay for the Arbitrator as well as for legal representation, with escalating Court costs, it can prove to be a cheaper as well as swifter method of resolving disputes than Litigation.

In addition to being experienced in presenting cases to an Arbitrator, HMG LAW has 2 qualified Arbitrators in its Senior Partner, Roland Fuggle and Chartered Tax Adviser, Frank Collingwood. Either of them could agree to hear your case provided you and your opponent are content to appoint them.