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: Dispute Resolution

For good reason, what used to be universally called litigation is now generally referred to as dispute resolution. This term recognises the importance of achieving a commercially sensible outcome to a problem between two or more parties.

As a practice, HMG LAW do not see their role as the equivalent of Wild West gun-slingers, fighting until the last man is dead.

In modern terms, such an attitude is likely to incur totally unrealistic costs and lead to yet more contention. The right way to go is thoroughly to understand the factual and legal issues and then help the client formulate their objectives towards something that is achievable. The success or otherwise of the solicitor/client relationship is then measured by how close to those objectives we are able to get.

How the matter is resolved is a matter for working out in the course of instructions but, once a client accepts the sense of negotiation, mediation or other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution come into play. See for instance this link to Arbitration.

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