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October 18, 2017

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All The World

HMG’s Private Client team recently put together a theatrical masterpiece for our clients, in the form of a playlet to rival all others. The cast consisted of the solicitors from the Private Client team, with a guest appearance from a member of the Family team. Each solicitor took on the role of a specialist and met with Malcolm, the fictitious and rather complicated client, who needed help with an array of matters. Malcolm, a widower with a peculiar set of circumstances, needed advice on how best to protect his large estate from his new partner, and potentially soon to be wife, Freda, should anything happen to him. He also wanted advice on tax planning and the exemptions available to him, the different Trust options he could use, Pre-nups, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Wills.

There were two showings of the playlet, with the first taking place at the Bate Museum in Oxford. Upon arrival the guests were offered a drink and were able to have a wander around the museum to see, and try, the vast collection of instruments both old and new. Once everyone had proven just how terrible they were at playing the piano, the audience took their seats and the experts took to the stage.

The second performance took place at the Oxford Bus Museum where guests were able to have a look around the museums and also go for a ride on a vintage bus prior to the show. Upon their return, and after a welcome drink, the playlet began.

Malcom met with each solicitor in turn who advised him on the importance of Wills and Powers of Attorney, how to save on inheritance tax, how best to protect assets against a potential/new spouse as well as recent changes to the law.

Both performances were followed by an opportunity for the audience to ask questions and then mingle with the ‘stars’ of the show whilst enjoying a drink and some food.

The idea behind the playlet was to provide our clients with an update on the recent changes to the law, such as the introduction of the new Residence Nil Rate Band, as well as to introduce them to areas that they may not have been familiar with previously. Even lawyers appreciate that the law can be a heavy subject, which is why we wanted to provide our clients with this information in a more light-hearted and relaxed atmosphere. By using an unconventional character such as Malcolm, we were able to inform and advise in an approachable way, as Malcom’s various issues and dilemmas enabled us to address each relevant area of law that we cover. For example, one may not have known that their recent marriage had in fact revoked their Will and so would need to be redone. Or that Lasting Powers of Attorney cannot be made on behalf on somebody if the Donor has lost capacity, so it can be beneficial to make them early on in life, even if you feel too young.

Now although I am not sure that our playlet will be named as a ‘must see show’, or end up on any Top 10 Performances list, I know that the team involved had great fun putting it on and the audience had an enjoyable evening.

So keep an eye on our blog page for news of a future playlet to avoid missing out on another theatrical triumph… and a really great buffet! 

posted by Jessamie Henry | October 18 2017