Family Law: Resolution Update Code of Practice

January 05, 2017

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Family Law: Resolution Update Code of Practice

Resolution is the nationwide organisation comprising 6,500 family lawyers and other professionals in England and Wales.  Resolution and its members believe in a constructive and non-confrontational approach to family law matters including children matters, divorce and finances.

How is the approach set out?
All members of Resolution agree to adhere to a Code of Practice which sets out the guiding principles of a non-confrontational approach. These principles include ensuring clients understand the potential long-term financial and emotional consequences of decisions, supporting and encouraging families to put the best interests of any children first and reduce where possible any conflict or confrontation by not using inflammatory language. The Code of Practice can be found by clicking this link or is available in hard copy from our Bicester or Oxford office.

In addition to a collaborative approach with other lawyers, Resolution lawyers continually develop their knowledge and skills to ensure that you are provided with the best advice. Christina Cree, Partner and head of HMG LAW LLP’s thriving Family Department has recently become a Resolution-Accredited Specialist in Complex Financial and Private Children matters.

How does the Code of Practice help me?
The constructive and non-confrontational approach can be very beneficial in reducing the stress of what can be a very stressful time. A Resolution lawyer will explain all the available options to you, ensuring you have the advice you need to reach the right solution for you, focussing on what is important in the long term and then work collaboratively and effectively with other Resolution lawyers to achieve a fair and reasonable outcome.

Christina Cree, says the following about Resolution Code of Practice and its benefits to clients:

‘Unfortunately family breakdown is a very stressful time and there is often a significant level of acrimony between the parties. This can leave parties worrying about correspondence and negotiations. Being a specialist member of Resolution and regularly working with members of Resolution on the other side allows me to reassure clients that the process will be dealt with in a measured, collaborative and non-confrontational way, which clients find very reassuring’.

If you are going through a family breakdown or are contemplating divorce proceedings and think we can help you, please contact us via the Contact page or by telephone on either 01869 252244 (Bicester) or 01865 244661 (Oxford).

We offer an initial fixed fee meeting for £100 +VAT for new clients.

posted by Kate Garrow | January 05 2017