HMRC Facing Tax Rebate Scams

July 04, 2018

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HMRC Facing Tax Rebate Scams

HMRC has warned people to be aware of fraudulent emails and text messages being received in relation to tax refunds, tricking people into providing personal details in order to obtain a tax rebate 

Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Mel Stride MP, confirmed that HMRC would only inform tax payers about a rebate due through the post or an employer. They will never text, email, or leave a voicemail in respect of a rebate. She also commented that it is not uncommon for fraudsters to use important financial dates (like the end of the tax year or the self assessment filing date) to target the public. 

Taxpayers are encouraged to report any such messages to HMRC’s phishing alert service. This can be done by forwarding suspicious emails to and texts to 60599.

In March 2018, HMRC requested the removal of 2,672 phishing websites and received 84,549 phishing reports. 

Those who are genuinely due a tax refund can expect to hear from HMRC between June and October 2018 for the 2017/18 tax year. 


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