HMRC to Review Concentrix’s Management of Tax Credits

February 24, 2017

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HMRC to Review Concentrix’s Management of Tax Credits

Many will recall the issues that were faced by those who attracted the attention of Concentrix in relation to their claim for Tax Credits between 2014 and 2016.

In their Fourth Report of Session 2016-17 (HC720), the Work and Pensions Committee of the House of Commons noted that “(v)ulnerable people lost benefits to which they were entitled through no fault of their own. Some have been put through traumatic experiences as a consequence of avoidable failures”.

Concentrix were contracted by HMRC to provide assistance and expertise in checking for fraudulent or erroneous tax credit claims and, where necessary, reduce or suspend benefits. Never before had a private body been given the power to make decisions about benefit claims.

In September 2016 HMRC announced that the contract with Concentrix would not be renewed and two months later announced that the existing contract had been terminated.

Now HMRC have agreed to review cases where Concentrix had reduced or stopped a benefit award and the claimant did not file an appeal.

Of the 36,000 of those claimants who did file an appeal, 87% were upheld in favour of the claimant.

HMRC plans to have completed their review by March 2017.

posted by Anna Casey-Woodward | February 24 2017