Inspiring the Next Generation

July 28, 2016

Practice News

Inspiring the Next Generation

Our Practice Manager, Kirsten Phipps Get, recently gave a talk to 80 students and staff at the Oxford Media & Business School.  The students were due to graduate later that week, having studied an Executive PA Diploma course which includes Business Communications, Marketing, Office Skills (including shorthand) and IT. 

Kirsten was able to provide these students with an insight into the work of a Practice Manager – a varied and demanding role which requires a breadth of knowledge in a number of key operational areas, strong people skills and a high degree of confidentiality, sensitivity and patience.  She also talked about the legal and private practice environments, interesting alternatives to the more corporate and larger organisations which the students may have been considering as they search for their first permanent role. 

The students were introduced to the concept of Kirsten World, an unusual phenomenon which can cause unexpected changes in fortune (both good and bad) and they were walked through what has so far been a 29 year career encompassing work in larger organisations, SMEs and private practice, owning a business, teaching and event management.  The students learned about the highs and lows of working life and the need to make the most of any opportunity which arises, to pursue offers of training and to keep options open.  Always have a Plan B!  OMBS offers students an alternative to university (although some do go on to study for degree qualification) and they heard about the variety of career paths which are available, particularly to these highly skilled students who have learned and achieved so much in their time at the College.

The talk was well-received with many students commenting that it had been inspirational, had made them think in much broader terms about the opportunities available to them and had given them some perspective on life in general.

As this year’s graduates embark on the beginning of what is almost certain to be a very successful career, they now have some new thoughts and ideas and some understanding of the realities of working life; the need to face challenges, to find ways through (or around) obstacles and to accept that sometimes things don’t quite go to plan but a new, perhaps unexpected, route can actually be towards an even more exciting and fulfilling destination.

HMG LAW hopes to continue its association with Oxford Media & Business School and congratulates all of those who have recently graduated.  Perhaps in the years to come some of them might even return to Oxford and become our stars of the future.

(Kirsten is pictured at this year’s Graduation Ceremony, along with Sarah Badger, Registrar of Oxford Media & Business School)