Law Firms to Publish Prices and Protections

October 23, 2018

Practice News

Law Firms to Publish Prices and Protections

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has announced new measures which require law firms to publish information about what prices they charge for certain services. They will also be required to display a new badge highlighting that they are a regulated law firm and the protections that come with that.

The SRA’s research has suggested that reputation is the most important factor in choosing a legal services provider, followed by price.

The ‘Better information, more choice’ initiative is designed to make information on price, protections and services more readily available to the public when choosing a legal services provider.

From December 2018, all regulated law firms must publish the prices they charge across a number of services, including conveyancing and probate matters.

A digital badge will be developed for display on regulated firm’s websites. This will highlight the public protection that a regulated law firm provides customers.

The Chief Executive of the SRA said that customers “often struggle to find clear, understandable information to help them choose the right service. All the evidence shows that they do not necessarily want the cheapest provider, but they do find having information on price helps with their choices.

“Better information will not only help the public and small businesses, but also provide opportunities for firms to promote their individual offer and the extra customer protections you get using a regulated law firm. It is a win-win for everyone.”

HMG Law LLP will be fully compliant with these measures and requirements and the relevant information will soon be included on our website.



posted by Anna Casey-Woodward | October 23 2018