Online Business and Consumer Sales

September 15, 2016

Dispute Resolution

Online Business and Consumer Sales

If you are involved in a business which sells online to either business or consumer customers (or, indeed, both) then you do need to make sure that you have relevant terms and conditions of trading to take into effect the Consumer Rights Act 2015 as well as the general statute law on sales of goods or services.

We are able to provide model terms which can then be tailored to fit your business.  They will cover such matters as the rights of consumers to change their mind, the different rights of consumers and businesses in respect of products which are claimed to be defective, and the liabilities for losses suffered by consumers and businesses where you as a supplier are held to be responsible.

Typical issues arise where a consumer claims the right to change their mind but after having opened the package or made some use of the product.  The terms will cover instances where software has been downloaded or protective packaging removed from a perishable product (generally not possible for the consumer to change their mind) and set out the responsibility for who pays for the return of goods.

What is certain is that the lack of appropriate trading terms will almost inevitably result in problems at some stage or another.

If your business might be affected by distance selling regulations or if you would like simply to update your present standard terms for selling from premises, please do get in touch.  

posted by Julian Freeland | September 15 2016