Senior Courts Cost Office adopt electronic filing

January 10, 2020

Practice News

Senior Courts Cost Office adopt electronic filing

In a move that perhaps signifies the beginning of a paperless decade, the Senior Courts Cost Office (SCCO) have introduced e-filing for the lodging of documents used in the assessment of Court of Protection bills of costs.

The opt in pilot that began on 07 October 2019, designed to highlight any flaws, has now finished. From now on, using the new e-filing system will be mandatory.

Practitioners are asked to register an account with the SCCO via this link. They will then be able to submit all Court of Protection bill bundles electronically, make application payments online, and track the progress of their applications.

This is an exciting step in the right direction. At the time of writing, only the assessed documents and bill may be filed electronically. Files must still be sent in hard copy form. However, the hope is that this will allow the SCCO to set up a full system of electronic submissions in the future. This would significantly cut down on paper use, moving us forwards towards a less wasteful future.

posted by Daniel McGurk | January 10 2020