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FAMILY SERVICES: Financial Arrangements on Divorce

Dividing the matrimonial assets on divorce can be complicated and an area in which proper legal advice is crucial. The Court can make Orders in three areas:

  1. Orders for sale and/or transfer of property between the parties in order for lump sum payments between the parties.
  2. Orders for spousal maintenance when one party pays the other a level of maintenance for either a set period of time or for joint lives.
  3. Transfer of pension funds.

Child maintenance is not usually dealt with by the Court accept in limited circumstances. Our family team can assist you with coming to an agreement on levels of child maintenance to be paid. All of the above three possible Orders are not relevant in every case and there is a comprehensive list of factors which need to be taken into consideration before a fair and reasonable settlement can be agreed. Our family lawyers can assist you with explaining how the law applies to your specific situation and help with negotiating a settlement that is in your best interests.

Please contact one of our specialist family solicitors to discuss further financial arrangements on divorce.  

Please contact us today to arrange a fixed fee consultation for £100 plus VATwith a family and divorce solicitor in Bicester or Oxford. The fixed fee meeting will last for about an hour and is followed up with a detailed letter of advice.