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FAMILY SERVICES: Living Together but not Married

Cohabitation law relates to the separation of an unmarried couple and is relatively complex. It is governed by the Trust of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996. Despite the length of a relationship, many unmarried couples are unaware that the law treats them very differently from those who are married of in civil partnerships and do not appreciate that there is no such relationship as common law husband and wife. As more couples choose not to marry, the legal and financial issues they face in relation to children, mortgages, pensions, separation and death become ever more important to understand and address.

If you are cohabiting or thinking about doing so, you may wish to consider a cohabitation Agreement. A Cohabitation Agreement is a written contract which may be drawn up between the unmarried couple to protect their interest in the unfortunate event of the relationship breaking down in the future. The Cohabitation Agreement covers a wide variety of aspects and we provide expert advice in relation to the future settlement and property, protecting assets held prior to the start of the relationship, as well as advising on Wills and Inheritance Tax Planning. Where there are children involved, we can advise on putting property in Trust and making appropriate financial provision.

Cohabitation Agreements are legally binding if properly drafting however it is imperative that the finalised agreement is drafted by an experienced family lawyer to ensure it affords the maximum possible protection to both parties.

If you are interest in entering a Cohabitation Agreement and want to discuss your options, please contact one of our experienced family solicitors.  

Please contact us today to arrange a fixed fee consultation for £100 plus VAT with a family and divorce solicitor in Bicester or Oxford. The fixed fee meeting will last for about an hour and is followed up with a detailed letter of advice.