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Commercial Property

Whether you’re a small owner-managed company, a rural enterprise, a recent start-up, a large corporate or a not-for-profit charity, the ins and outs of commercial property management can be a headache you don’t need when trying to manage the rest of day-to-day business.

As highly-regarded property specialists, our team at HMG can take much of the pressure off, advising on all commercial property matters from short fixed-term leases through to the acquisition and disposal of large freehold industrial sites. We’re a supportive voice of reason guiding you through all manner of processes; explaining the legal lingo, sorting the paperwork and empowering you to make the right decisions for your business.

We act for a large number of institutional and business clients, and have a particular interest in helping new businesses to get started. Our local knowledge, depth of experience, personal service and willingness to go the extra mile brings clients back to us time and again, and we’re proud to help local businesses flourish.





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Sale or purchase of commercial, industrial, retail and licenced premises

Whether you’re dealing with a freehold or a leasehold, the sale or purchase of commercial premises requires a skilful mixture of technical procedural knowledge and real-world experience regarding the terms of acquisition or disposal and the commercial risks and benefits involved. You want to get your head around, for example, any leases affecting the property, and be confident that your title to property is fully marketable.

At HMG we really take the time to get to know your business, working closely with your professional property advisors and your bank or other funder. We’ll shoulder the paperwork, carrying out all normal legal transaction steps including the negotiation of terms of sale or purchase. On acquisition we will prepare and submit your SDLT return and advise on any VAT implications, as well as registering your title. If you wish us to store deeds, we are happy to do so in our strong room.

Commercial landlords and tenants

The termination or renewal of business leases can be a complicated area, bound by the rules of the Landlord and Tenant Act of 1954. In a rapidly-changing market the needs of both landlords and tenants can change quickly: advice is sometimes needed in a hurry, but poorly-drafted or negotiated leases can have a real detrimental effect on the property value or a tenant’s cashflow and profits.

At HMG we know the importance of an experienced, diligent legal approach, and offer a range of comprehensive advice to commercial landlords – and tenants – covering how and when a business tenancy can be terminated, the processes for renewing business tenancies (including the strict time limits), court proceedings including interim rent applications, compensation payable to tenants who have not been able to renew, guidance on the terms, drafting and implementation of new leases, and rent reviews.

We work closely with your property agent, thoroughly addressing every aspect of a case and ensuring you’re fully aware of the risks and advantages of the course of action you choose to take. Giving you complete confidence that we have every ‘i’ dotted and every ‘t’ crossed.

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