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FAMILY SERVICES: Domestic Violence

Sadly, domestic violence is a reality in many relationships whether the parties are married, cohabiting, heterosexual or homosexual. Domestic violence effects people regardless of their class, nationality, religion, gender or age. Domestic violence can take many forms including physical or sexual violence, psychological abuse or financially controlling behaviour.

We appreciate that speaking about domestic violence to an outsider can be a daunting and even embarrassing prospect. Our experienced family solicitors have significant experience in dealing with people who have suffered domestic violence within their relationship. You will be treated with respect and professionalism.

The Family Courts can make Orders, known as injunctions, which are designed to stop abusive behaviour and protect you and/or your children. There are two types of injunction Orders available. The first is a Non Molestation Order, which prevents the reoccurrence of any violence or threat of violence. It can also cover intimidating and upsetting behaviour. If your partner breaches the Non Molestation Order it is a criminal offence and he or she can be arrested and brought before the Court. The second is an Occupation Order. This Order allows the Court to order the perpetrator of the abuse to leave the home or part of it and stay away. A power of arrest can also be attached to the Occupation Order.

Please contact one of our experienced family solicitors who can advise you fully on these applications.  

Please contact us today to arrange a fixed fee consultation for £100 plus VAT with a family and divorce solicitor in Bicester or Oxford. The fixed fee meeting will last for about an hour and is followed up with a detailed letter of advice.