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No Fault Divorce 6 April 2022

Updated: Apr 15

With No-Fault Divorce due to come into effect on 06 April 2022, here is what you should know.

Goodbye Blame Game

  1. You will no longer have to put blame on the other for the demise of the relationship.

  2. This non acrimonious approach will allow parties to focus positively on reaching an agreement regarding the matrimonial finances and arrangements for the children.

  3. You will no longer to provide reasons for the ending of the relationship other than it has broken down irretrievably.

Joint Applications

  1. For the first time, you will have the option to apply for divorce jointly.

  2. No-fault divorce also means that this cannot be contested as parties are agreeable to the divorce.

Easier to understand, Simpler Process

  1. The process for obtaining a divorce will be simplified and language will be easier for non-legal people to understand.

  2. The first stage of divorce, which is currently known as “Decree Nisi” will be changed to “Conditional Order” and the final stage of divorce, which is currently known as “Decree Absolute” will be changed to “Final Order”.

  3. There will be waiting period of 20 weeks between the application and first stage, which will allow parties time to reflect and consider reconciling if they so wish.

If you need some initial legal advice either at the outset of a relationship breakdown or may just want to ask a few questions, speak to our friendly solicitors today.

At HMG we offer a no obligation fixed fee appointment at £120 + VAT.

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