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We are Committed to Supporting the Arts

Some years ago the partners at HMG LAW resolved to help support various artistic enterprises within the City of Oxford. Stemming from our very long association with Oxford we wanted to help in areas where funding has been a real problem for local Arts organisations , recognising that without them, Oxford would be a duller and less exciting place in which to work and live.

There is an added bonus in that our sponsorships gives everyone in the Firm the opportunity of seeing some great plays and exhibitions.


Our current sponsorship programmes include:



Following its refurbishment in 2009, we are proud to have become a Corporate Member of the oldest public museum in Europe; (although Basel does dispute this claim). Despite its antiquity, the Ashmolean is both an iconic and vibrant place to visit whose visiting exhibitions are always fascinating.


A proud corporate sponsor of Modern Art Oxford since 2008; from time to time we host breakfast meetings followed by a tour of the current exhibition conducted by the Director. A visit to a contemporary exhibition is always challenging and thought provoking with their cutting edge exhibitions of international modern and contemporary visual art.

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