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The Value of Legal Advice on Separation

Updated: Apr 15

Ultimately it can be far costlier in the long term not to take legal advice at the outset of a matter. In divorce, proper advice can be invaluable particularly if family assets are complicated or include business assets, or if you suspect your spouse will try to conceal the full extent of their assets, or dispose of them.

You might be concerned that instructing a solicitor will make a tense situation worse, but this should not be the case. At HMG we are considerate, sympathetic human beings and we want you to reach an amicable solution as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, in a constructive and non-confrontational way. Acrimonious court proceedings can usually be avoided, and we try to manage that in as many cases as possible.

You might also be worried about expensive legal fees. We understand that and will always discuss costs with you at the outset, providing an estimate based on your particular circumstances and issues, leaving no nasty surprises. We can also offer individual funding arrangements including, in some cases, delaying payment of fees until the conclusion of the matter or assisting you with accessing litigation funding.

Taking legal advice makes you aware of all options available to you, enabling you to make measured, informed decisions in an emotionally-charged situation. Our friendly, sensitive and experienced team have been helping local families with issues of divorce and separation for many years and brought resolution to many different situations. If you do sadly find yourself in this position, please get in touch to arrange a friendly no-obligation fixed-fee meeting and see how we can help guide you through this difficult time towards a fresh start.

Fixed fee initial consultations are available at our Oxford and Bicester offices and by Zoom for £120 plus VAT.  Contact us today on or 01869 252244

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