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We can move! But wait, how does it all work now?

Updated: Apr 15

The recent government announcement that the housing market is open for business will come as welcome news to many moving home.

But what needs to take place to move ‘safely’ and what does the new guidance mean? We set out some of the guidance below.

Preparing your property for sale or letting:

  1. Make sure property professionals, such as letting agents or estate agents are aware of whether anyone in the household has had Covid-19, has shown Covid-19 symptoms or is in a high-risk category.

  2. No open house viewings are to take place.

  3. Viewings should be kept to one professional and up to two other adults from the same household.

  4. Viewings should take place outside rush hour to avoid busiest transport times.

  5. Minimise the length of time in the property, keeping internal doors open where possible.

Before you move:

  1. Where possible try to avoid meeting face to face. Instead utilise telephone and email contact, as well as video calls where applicable.

  2. If you need to meet other individuals in person, for example to witness documentation, always ensure that you abide by the 2m social distancing guidelines, wash your hands thoroughly before and after, and where possible utilise your own pen.

  3. Where possible, solicitors and other bodies can check your identity using electronic means.

  4. Your solicitor will know which documents can be electronically signed.

Where a party to a transaction is vulnerable or is shielding, they should seek medical advice as to whether their move should place. The government suggests that in this situation ‘all parties in buying and selling should prioritise agreeing amicable arrangements to change move dates’. You may need to be prepared to be flexible about moving dates, if in doubt talk to your solicitor or conveyancer.

Moving day:

  1. Ensure keys are sanitised before being handed over to agents.

  2. A deep clean is recommended for both your property and that you are moving into.

  3. Ideally leave the property while removers are packing belongings.

  4. While removal crews cannot maintain the 2m distance, you should do so wherever possible.

  5. Removal company packing services may be limited or not available, always check with the remover prior to moving day. Do as much packing as possible before moving day.

Please call us on 01869 252244 (Bicester) or 01865 244661 (Oxford) further information from our expert team.

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